Our story:

Northview Weather is a Vermont-based limited liability company that takes innovative weather forecasting practices to increase societal resilience around major storms. Northview began from research conducted by Dr. Jason Shafer at Lyndon State College with support from the Vermont Low Income Trust for Electricity. Key results from this research include the identification of critical meteorological conditions responsible for wet-snow icing hazards affecting electric utilities, and an understanding of the relationship between wet snow and freezing rain ice loading and electric distribution outage events.

Northview has taken innovative icing research and developed a patent-pending outage risk assessment and outage forecast system. This system has been developed working with Vermont transmission and distribution utilities, as Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO) and Green Mountain Power (GMP). Northview’s forecasting approach relies on a probabilistic framework for evaluating risk, resulting in improved forecast accuracy and peace of mind around stressful weather events.

Northview provides value to our clients by helping them prepare for and respond to major storms, improving crew resource management efficiency.