It doesn’t take much snow or ice to cause adverse roadway conditions.

Maintaining safe winter roadways is a significant challenge. Ensuring safe roadway conditions during treacherous weather requires intelligent storm planning and an effective response.

Northview provides critical storm performance signatures.

Localized storm information on precipitation type, intensity, and duration along with temperature performance can be developed along your routes. These metrics provide critical information on how roadways will respond to weather conditions and how you can effectively treat roadways.

Recognize dangerous scenarios before they happen.

Northview products help identify dangerous storm scenarios such as rapid onset freezing rain and exceptionally heavy and long duration precipitation intensities.

Respond with the right treatment.

Responding effectively to storms requires knowledge about how the roadways will react to weather. Each storm requires differing strategies to maximize roadway treatment but minimize environmental impacts. Optimizing this balance requires the development of the right pre-storm strategies to determine material type and application rates.