Northview Weather LLC is driven by getting the forecast right and engineering this information to solve client problems. We have years of expertise in winter weather applications to electric utilities and agencies of transportation. Northview has developed patent-pending technology that probabilistically assesses wet snow and freezing rain icing risk using various predictive data analytics and cloud-based ensemble modeling.

Northview’s work with electric utilities is focused on improving grid reliability around adverse weather conditions by helping to optimize their storm response (get the lights back on as quick as possible following major storms). We have developed an icing outage prediction system within Vermont, and we intend to grow by applying these techniques to similar climatic regimes and beyond.

Northview aims to be a leader serving the weather risk assessment needs of distribution and transmission electric utilities. If you’re a distribution utility we can help you understand the total outage events from an ice or wet snow storm. For transmission utilities, perhaps it’s assessing the pre-storm likelihood of exceeding icing engineering standards. We are eager to understand your problem and work together to help with your decision making.

Northview looks forward to improving societal resilience for all, even though we can’t control the weather, we can do something to be properly prepared.